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Video/Film Production
We offer complete ENG, documentary, and commercial production in SD, HD video and film


Some of our past projects:

"Syd Mead" in HD for NHK, Japan
"Weekend America" for NHK, Japan
"World and Japan Tomorrow" for NTV, Japan
"Dawn of a New Era" for CBS
"Italian Earthquake Relief Special" for

TV Commercial

Some of our past projects:

"Pip Elekiban"
"House Foods"

Promotion/Short Film

Some of our past projects

"World Super Jockey Series" for JRA, Japan
"Stallions of the World" for JRA, Japan
"How Tofu is Made" for House Foods, USA
"NTT Data" for NTT, Japan
"3D Alien" in 3D, for System Pro, Japan
"3D Magic" in 3D for System Pro, Japan
Kyosuke Himuro music videos
(as artist's production advisor)

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