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Our Team Members

Carla Grace
Carla has been in video/film/event production for the past 25 years.
She has served both the US and Japanese clients as a biligual producer/director.

Dave Rust
Dave is a top senior videographer at CNN. As an award-winning videographer (Emmy and Peabody), he has worked on numerous world news and documentaries. He is one of the best videographers we have worked with since we started our collaboration 25 years ago.

Kent Kyomen and Takumi Koyama
Both Kent and Takumi have worked for major concerts and events throughout the world as audio/visual system engineer. We have been working together for over 10 years on trade show productions.

Sam Tajiri
Mu-Road, Inc.
Sam is our audio/visual engineer. He also provides simultaneous interpreter system for events and confenrences. We have been working together for over 10 yaers on trade show productions.

Ron Anderson
Ron has been our lighting director for the past 10 years. He always comes up with innovative, fun, dramatic lighting designs that perfectly suit our needs.